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Lammskinn från Stora Lunds gård

Swedish washable genuine lambskin hide

Swedish washable genuine lambskin hide

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Washable lambskin hides for babies from organically raised Gotland fur sheep - fits perfectly in the pram or bed, as a playground on the floor, or why not in the reading armchair? Select lambskin in the menu to see a photo of each skin. All these skins have about 3 cm long wool. The leather withstands repeated washings and is of high quality.

Washable lambskins from Stora Lund

Our skins come from our own farm Stora Lund in Västergötland, and you can trust that the sheep lived an ecological life in free range and were loved by us. Free-range means that the sheep choose when they go in and out of the barn, for a more natural movement pattern. We send our lambskins to Tranås Skinnbereding and Donnia Skinn in Tranås for the highest possible quality, which means washable and durable skins. The skins are super soft and nice for your (or your friend's) baby to sleep and play on! In order for our baby lambskins to be washable, it is unfortunately not possible to choose organic tanning at the same time, which also currently gives a slightly different leather quality. This lambskin is therefore not completely organic, but comes from an organic lamb. (We also offer organic leathers, but then they are not washable.)

Natural for children

  • Silky, soft and comfortable: The child gets a cozy and safe environment in the bed and in the pram. Naturally soft and flexible in all positions.
  • Warm and comfortable: Excellent play and sleeping area. Because the skin is easy to take with you, the child recognizes its own calm and comfortable place in all environments.
  • Moisture regulation: Wool has the ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, the child retains warmth even if the diaper leaks.

Natural, beautiful and cozy

  • In the car, the boat and the caravan
  • In the favorite chair and sofa corner
  • On the forest trip and the ski trip

Swedish leather is a term for quality

Thanks to the Nordic climate, the lambs that graze the Swedish pastures, and thus keep the landscape open, get wool with very good properties. The sheep have a unique combination of soft load-bearing bottom wool and strong top hair that makes the skin durable. Lamb's wool is an unparalleled natural material. It feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A lambskin from Gotland fur sheep is therefore just as comfortable all year round. Logo


Washable genuine lambskin


Hide 151: Length: 105 cm
Hide 152: Length: 105 cm
Hide 153: Length: 95 cm
Hide 166: Length: 100 cm
Hide 169: Length: 135 cm
Hide 170: Length: 103 cm
Hide 172: Length: 98 cm

Care Instructions

Your Gotland lambskin hide can withstand regular machine washing at 30° according to care instructions. Smaller stains can be washed by hand. Detergent with a low pH (3.5 - 5.5) is recommended, preferably wool shampoo. The skins are aired and shaken. Care instructions are included with your leather.

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