About us

Nakenfisen is a Swedish online store that sells baby and children's products from various brands with a focus on the environment, smart stuff and safety.

Fun fact: "nakenfisen" literally translates to "the naked fart" but it has nothing to do with farts! It is a commonly used Swedish slang word for anyone without their clothes on, kids in particular. It's used lovingly, with a smile. It's closest translation would be the Australian "cheeky bum".

We who founded Nakenfisen are sisters and our names are Hanna, living in Sydney, and Malin, living in Stockholm. Out mother Inger takes care of storage and dispatch from the farm Stora Lund in Västergötland. Our children are our picky test subjects and of course we only sell stuff we like ourselves!

We have a fairly broad focus, if you know of a product you think we should test, please contact us.

How it started

We started Nakenfisen in 2017 because we discovered some really good products for babies, children and parents in Australia that we think also fit well in the Swedish market. The range grew quickly and now we have products from more countries, including Sweden. In our opinion, a good product is of good quality, is safe to use, is decently manufactured by people who are fairly paid and has as little environmental impact as possible.


We at Nakenfisen strive for our products to be as fair as possible to both users, our environment, and the person who manufactured the product. In many cases we find good organic products and then we buy them. You can be sure that all our products aimed at babies, such as stuffed animals and biting toys, are completely non-toxic.

We think about the environment in all aspects, e.g. do we pack our shipments with crumpled paper instead of bubble wrap, use paper tape, etc. As we want to keep a unique and fun assortment, some of our goods have been transported a bit, which is difficult to avoid if you want other than Swedish goods.


We welcome all customers and do not divide our products into gender categories. We can all be a nakenfis!