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We are a small family business but do our best to provide really good service! If you have any questions or complaints, let us know right away. Email us with your phone number if you want us to call you. We will respond as soon as we can but no later than within 24 hours on weekdays.

Our email address is hidden for security reasons, but you can email us if you click on the text "Email us" above. If you need to see the address, you can hover over the text or right-click and select "Copy email address" and then paste into your email program.

Address for returns

Trävattna Lund
521 56 Floby

Company address

Fastingsgatan 104
129 43 Hägersten

Are you looking for someone special?

Malin Ivarsson
Design & Customer Service
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Hanna Mårtensson
Purchasing, Marketing & Finance
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Inger Mårtensson
Warehouse & Distribution
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Support and are owned by Nakenfisen Handelsbolag with Swedish organisation number 969780-7916.

Bankgiro: 5064-7692.

Swish number: 123 038 7811.