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Subo food bottle for smoothie and yogurt

Subo food bottle for smoothie and yogurt

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Let your child eat by themself! Clever food bottle that you fill yourself with smoothie, fruit or vegetable puree, purees, yogurt or anything else your child likes. The bottle cannot be squeezed = no spillage! Instead, a small plate is pushed up inside the bottle so that the child can suck easily.

Get rid of expensive food pouches, which often contain mostly apple juice. Instead, fill a food bottle with good food your child likes! The bottles are specially made for yogurt, porridge, smoothies, mash and purees, e.g. fruit and vegetable puree.

What makes the Subo bottles so good is that they cannot be squeezed = no spillage. The food is instead sucked up when the child sucks on the mouthpiece. They are also easy to wash, and it doesn't hurt that they are nice to look at. Tip! If your child is trying the bottle for the first time, suck a little yourself first after filling, and it will be easy for the child to get started.

Perfect even for adults who want a smoothie on the go!

The bottle holds up to 210 ml, but it is possible to fill in less, in that case push up the separator before you screw on the bottom, so that there is no air between the food and the spout.

The feeding bottle from Subo is a really smart invention that allows your child to eat by himself. For children who cannot yet chew, it is perfect for fruit and vegetable puree, porridge or a whole meal of a mixed puree. For older children, e.g. smoothies or yogurt that become a healthy and cheap snack.

The reusable bottle saves money for the family and also saves the environment by reducing the need for purchased clamps. They are often both unnecessarily sweet and create a mess, which you avoid with Subo. The bottle is made of non-toxic plastic.

Because the bottle cannot be squeezed, the risk of your child squeezing out the food instead of eating it is reduced. Babies from about 6 months can suck from the soft silicone nozzle and see the platform in the bottle go up! The window where the filling level is visible tells both children and parents how much is left in the bottle.

The bottle is excellent for mash consistencies and purees, yogurt, breakfast cereals soaked in milk, porridge, etc. However, it is not suitable for easy-flowing drinks such as juice and water, as it can leak.

Bottle comes with Standard spout, 12 mm diameter.

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Plastics PP, HDPE and TPE as well as silicone; all are free of phthalates and BPA.


210 ml

Care Instructions

To wash the Subo thoroughly, disassemble it into seven parts and run in the top part of the dishwasher or put in warm water with detergent and wash with a bottle brush or a sponge. Allow to dry thoroughly before reassembling the bottle. For daily washing, it is enough to take apart the top, bottom, center plate and the bottle itself and wash these 4 parts.

Note that you should not freeze or microwave the Subo bottle, but both frozen and hot food can be put in. It is difficult to control the temperature if you heat directly in the bottle, so we recommend that you heat food and then fill the bottle. It is fine to put frozen food to be thawed during the day and eaten cold in the bottle.

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