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Baby BeeHinds

Organic Fitted Diaper

Organic Fitted Diaper

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Shaped inner diaper, Baby BeeHind's bestseller! Organic shaped diaper made of bamboo combination, fits approx. 4-16 kg. Combine with a shell diaper in waterproof PUL or wool from Baby BeeHinds.


Two inserts for the diaper are included, one short and one long. They are folded to fit your child best.

  • High absorption, so great for nights, long journeys or daytime
  • The fibers are non-toxic and manufactured with renewable resources
  • Suitable for all ages up to 16 kg with its smart fastening, which is economical
  • The high-quality material means that the diapers can be used for years and on several small bums with the right care
  • Great breathability, wear for a while without a shell diaper in the summer for maximum ventilation
  • Two generous bamboo inserts are included for custom absorption, they can be used together or one at a time
  • Being super absorbent, they take longer to dry than pocket nappies and all-in-one nappies but if you have 24-26 nappies for full time use then you have plenty of options whilst they dry!

    Folding instructions for posts

    Girl or back sleeper:

    Press the long insert into the back buttons, and fold it once lengthwise. For additional absorption, fasten the short insert in the front buttons and place it over (or under) the long one. (Applies to diapers used on the largest size.)

    Baby BeeHinds Cloth Diapers - Fold for neck wearers

    Boy or stomach sleepers:

    Here, extra absorption is needed in the front. Attach the long insert to the front buttons. Fold so that the insert becomes three layers at the front of the nappy. For additional absorption, attach the short insert to the back buttons and place it over (or under) the long one.

    Baby BeeHinds Cloth Diapers - Folding for baby carriers

    For newborn/small snapping, you will need to snap the long posts into the back buttons.

    Remember that there are no right and wrong, try yourself! It may be enough with an insert, or none, if the diaper is only to protect against accidents during potty training.

    For more info (BBH Bamboo Fitted): Baby BeeHind's website .

    Baby BeeHinds Cloth Diapers


    60% bamboo viscose combination (for amazing absorption), 30% organic cotton fleece (for shorter drying time and better absorption) and 10% polyester (to keep the diaper fluffy.


    Fits approx. 4-16 kg.

    Care Instructions

    Before use: Pre-wash diapers and inserts 4-5 times (no detergent) before use to open up the bamboo fibers. You don't need to dry them between wash cycles. They will absorb at their best after 8+ washes.

    After use: Remove poo from the diaper and place the diaper in a diaper bag or diaper pail (dry, not wet). Wash the diapers at 40-60 degrees at least every other day to avoid mold. Hang dry (most environmentally friendly of course) or tumble dry on low heat.

    Diapers can be washed with baby clothes, but feel free to run a pre-wash with the diapers first and then put in the clothes.

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