Smart solskydd till barnvagn

Smart sun protection for prams

When I had my first child, the plan was to have just one, plus the three bonus children, and I certainly wasn't going to spend money on a bunch of unnecessary things. We had to borrow most things from my brother-in-law, i.a. a pram. It had a rain cover, but no sun cover for the stroller. As I live in Australia, it's a fairly important accessory. The sun shines often and brightly. I bought a stroller cover that would fit most strollers. It worked OK, but broke quite quickly and could only be opened in the front, see it was either closed or fully open. I also did like many others, hung over various blankets, both thin and thick, to shut out light and movement. I heard that people started warning against hanging blankets on the pram back home in Sweden, but didn't think much of it. After all, I checked at regular intervals that my child was OK.

Gradually, however, I heard more and more warnings to cover the pram, both in Australia and at home in Sweden. It has been written about in We Parents and daily and evening newspapers have tested the temperature in prams standing in the sun.

Before the second child arrived, I read in our local paper in the Sydney suburb of Manly where we live about a new pram cover developed by a local woman, Emma Lovell. She flew for a period several times with her baby between England and Australia and wanted to develop a sleep cover for the flight pool. The finished product was CoziGo (which was originally called FlyBabee). The cover works just as well on a pram as the flying bassinet and stands on its own on the floor.

Now my youngest daughter is five months old and we have been using the CoziGo cover every day. It works both on the lying and the sitting part. It's only approved for the pram and the flying bassinet, but I've also put it over the car seat. Since it opens on the side, I can protect against the sun coming in through the window, while still being able to see my baby.

CoziGo was one of the first products we thought of when we opened and we hope that lots of Swedes will take part in this ingenious Australian invention.

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