Mickey Rose

Fina ekologiska baby- och barnkläder från Australien

Ekologiskt, etiskt och unisex. Mickey Rose är ett unikt, personligt och roligt märke med ekologiska barnkläder från Melbourne i Australien.

Mottot är att kläderna och accessoarerna ska vara oemotståndliga, prisvärda och kvalitetsmässigt och etiskt tillverkade. Vi tycker de lyckats fantastiskt bra, avgör själv!

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Såhär skriver Mickey Rose om sig själva på sin australiska hemsida:

Mickey Rose is a unique, fun, and eclectic designer children’s label. All garments and accessories are made with love, from the heart of Melbourne, Australia.

Head designer and owner, Adriana Andelkovic, aims to produce adorable, affordable, ethical, and structurally sound garments and accessories.
From the moment a collection is envisioned, to when it is packaged, there will always be a personal touch. This attention to detail and brand authenticity sets Mickey Rose aside, and we hope this will keep you coming back for more.

Each year, Mickey Rose donates to a charity or children’s foundation recommended by customers, or a charity close to our heart.

A word from Adriana…

Cancer is a subject close to my heart and something that has really affected me, who I am today, and the development of our brand.
I was 16 when we lost Rosetta, my mother’s best friend, to cancer. She was like an aunty to me and my inspiration for so many different reasons. She was a mother, a public speaker, a hard worker, and the kindest soul I ever had the pleasure of knowing. This label is in her loving memory because she believed in me and my dreams of becoming successful in the fashion industry when I was young and naive.

Then, at the age of 18, the world lost my Dad, Mick, to cancer. My world was turned upside-down. He was a father, a business owner, a stubborn and strong soul, but had more love to give than you would believe. This label is in his loving memory because he always kept me grounded but supported my dream til his very end.

And from this experience, I learnt life is too short, so with a heavy heart, I follow my dream, and now bring to you the next generation of children’s fashion with Mickey Rose.

With love,
Adriana Andelkovic
Head Designer & Owner

Produkter från Mickey Rose