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Diaper Cover PUL for Cloth Diapers

Diaper Cover PUL for Cloth Diapers

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Waterproof shell diaper / outer diaper, made of a layer of smooth fine polyester, a layer of soft knitted polyester inside and waterproof breathable PUL layer in between. Allows the moisture to evaporate through tiny holes in the fabric, and baby's tail is kept dry and cool. (PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate and is a type of waterproof laminated fabric that breathes.)

Combine with shaped inner diaper, e.g. our organic bamboo inner nappy, or night diaper.

  • 100% polyester, dyed with safe and non-toxic dye.
  • Genuine VELCRO® Velcro closure of good quality, which does not rub against the baby's stomach, lasts long and does not curl up.
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried if needed.
  • Tight, soft elastic at the legs to avoid leakage or chafing.
  • Generous sizes.
Some tips:
  • If the diaper is a little too big, pull it up further between your baby's legs and close the Velcro by angling upwards to reduce the size of the leg holes.
  • We recommend buying at least 6 covers in the right size if you are going to use only cloth diapers. The shell diaper does not have to be washed every time the inner diaper is changed, but you can air one while using the next during the day. Then you have one left in case of an accident and one in the wash. The other two are for night time.

For more info (Nappy Cover): Baby BeeHind's website .

Baby BeeHinds Cloth Diapers


100% polyester.


Available in two sizes that fit 4-8 kg and 7-11 kg respectively.

Care Instructions

Washing instructions:
In order for the diapers to last as long as possible, we recommend closing the velcro and washing in a laundry bag.

Put in a separate diaper bag or diaper pail before washing, separate from the inner diapers. Wash soiled diapers at least every other day to avoid mold, either with inner diapers or with clothes.

Wash at 40 or 60 degrees depending on need. Hang dry (most environmentally friendly of course) or tumble dry on low heat.

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