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Organic baby wrap Babylonia Tricot-Slen

Organic baby wrap Babylonia Tricot-Slen

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Tricot-Slen Organic from Belgian Babylonia Baby Carriers is the organic version of Tricot-Slen, which was the first ergonomic baby carrier when it arrived back in 1998. A fantastically soft and cozy baby carrier in organic cotton that is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Tricot-Slen Organic is knitted in the Netherlands and is stretchy in the right way!

  • The less the fabric can be stretched lengthwise, the better. Fabric that stretches widthwise is very comfortable, but if it also stretches lengthwise, it means your baby will hang too far down.
  • If it's made of Spandex, your baby will bounce up and down. It is not only difficult for the child, but for you as the bearer, because it will feel much heavier.
  • A sling that stretches in all directions must be put on very tightly so that the baby does not get too far down, which can feel trapped.

Tricot-Slen Organic carrier shawl in organic cotton has a light stretch that makes it comfortable and easy to use. It can be used immediately after birth and in different positions, both in the "cradle position" and upright. The way you put the shawl on is always the same, so you only need to remember one way. Be careful to use the shawl in the right way so that your child sits safely and cozily, just like we all want! Babies who cannot support their necks should be supported by the fabric. Also, make sure that your baby's nose and mouth are never covered by cloth and that his chin is not resting on his chest. See the manual below for further advice.

The sling can be used for newborns and up to 15 kg. It is used in maternity wards and neonatal wards around the country for newborn babies, both full-term and premature babies. No minimum weight is required for the child as the ergonomic position means that the child's back is not strained. This allows you to carry your child as long as you wish, right from birth. Tricot-Slen Organic is easy to learn to tie and makes it possible to carry the child in many different ways. It works perfectly to breastfeed with the baby in the sling.

Made in the Netherlands.


Watch the video to get a quick overview of how to put on the shawl.

In the manual you will find many more tips on how to wear the shawl:


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100% organic, GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified cotton.


One size. Suitable from newborn up to 15 kg.

Care Instructions

Machine washable at 40 degrees.

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