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Lammskinn från Stora Lunds gård

Second grade genuine lambskin

Second grade genuine lambskin

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Lambskin Hide

Waste pieces and second sorting of lambskins and sheepskins from organically raised Gotland fur sheep. The leather has been damaged during handling and fits e.g. to be used in a pram or cut into pieces such as seat cushions or other leather products. All lambskins have about 3 cm long wool and the sheepskins have long unshorn wool at about 15 cm length, which is fantastically beautiful.

Choose hide to see the respective image.

Note that all these hides are discounted due to some damage during tanning, as specified below.

Detailed information

Hide 108

Long-haired sheepskin hide. Length: 118 cm. Seam on the back, not visible from the front. 

Hide 168

Washable lambskin hide. Length: 108 cm. Seam on the back, not visible from the front.


Lambskin and sheepskin from Stora Lund

Our hides come from our own farm Stora Lund in Västergötland, and you can trust that the sheep lived an ecological life in free range and were loved by us. Free-range means that the sheep choose when they go in and out of the barn, for a more natural movement pattern. We send our skins to Tranås Skinnbereding and Donnia Skinn in Tranås for the highest possible quality, but sometimes there is damage to the hides that may have occurred before tanning. Logo


Genuine washable lambskin from organically raised lamb.


See information about each hide above.

Care Instructions

If your hide is washable, it can be machine washed at 30° according to care instructions. Smaller stains can be washed by hand. Detergent with a low pH (3.5 - 5.5) is recommended. The hides are aired and shaken.
Care advice for other hides: Shake and air the leather. Rinse or wipe off minor stains. If necessary: Dry cleaning with regreasing.
Care instructions are included with your hide.

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